SunnarSoft Media Player
An audio player designed with strict time control and automatic pause possiblities in order to facilitate transmission for radio channels.
Currently supports wma, mp3 audio files and import of m3u playlists, more audio formats and import possibilities to come....

Lets you create and play playlists where you may specify strict start times for sub-items in the playlist.

Release 1 features

  • Strict time control
    For instance when two or more radio channels are sharing the frequency, strict control of when to transmit and when not to transmit is a key factor.
    The SunnarSoft Media player lets you build playlists covering days, weeks and months with built in periods of no transmission including strict time control of when to start and stop transmission. The media player automatically adjusts to the computer clock during the "silence" periods to make absolutely sure that you do not transmit when the other channel has its transmission time.
  • Resume playback after computer restart/powerloss
    If the running playlist is for some reason interrupted due to computer restart, powerloss or any other reason, the SunnarSoft media player features the possibility to resume playback automatically starting at the correct audio track according to the timing in your playlist, and playback will resume according to your planned schedule.
  • Import of playlists
    M3u playlists may be imported directly into the SunnarSoft Media Player
  • Supported audio formats
    Currently mp3 and wma formats are supported, more to come...
  • Logging facilities
    The start-time, title and duration of all tracks are logged and incorporated in a log-viewer in order to easily find what was played on a certain time. For instance a listener calls in and asks "That song you played last thursday just after noon was really beautiful, what was the name of that song...", the logs are stored separately for each day and incorporated with a user interface that lets you easily find the information you are looking for.
  • Coming soon
    • URL streaming possibilties
      Two modes of URL streaming possibilities are provided
      • Fill-the-gaps:
        When a URL is specified in the global settings, all silence periods may be filled with content from the provided URL. This enables easy configuration of 24/7 scheduling. Whenever you do not have local content on the schedule, the streamed content will be transmitted.
      • Specifically scheduled streaming content
        You may configure specific streaming content to be scheduled at specific times. This enables functionality where you have local content scheduled, but you provide for instance news bulletins from a streamed source every hour. You may then configure the news bulletins to be automatically scheduled from the streamed content at specific times with specified duration.

Release 2 Roadmap (Subject to change)

  • Added audio formats and import possibilities
  • Improved GUI
  • Improved resume playback functionality
        Resume playback not only starting the correct track at the correct time, but even resume playback at the correct time inside an audio track.
        Possibility to start mediaplayer playing the previously scheduled playlist automatically on Windows startup
  • New features based on customer requests......


  • Initial purchase NOK 2500 (excl. 25% VAT), includes 1 year annual support and software/feature updates within the purchased major release
  • Upgrade to new major release NOK 1000 (excl. 25%VAT), renews the annual support and includes software/feature updates within the upgraded major release


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