Picstagrab is an app that lets you easily download and repost images to/from Instagram.

Features of Picstagrab includes

* View/download images from different predefined collection of images (your images, your followees images, images from the popular page etc)
* Search for images from users or hashtags.
* Automatic duplicate searches performed as you view an image.
* Add watermark from your very own watermark-collection as you download or repost the image.
* Add captions to images as you repost, either write a caption as you are about to repost or select one from your very own collection of captions
* In the captions of your collections you may insert keywords that will be automatically replaced by the username of the original instagram-post.


These features makes Picstagrab a "must-have" if you for instance are moderating an instagram-hub, if you are posting "picture of the day" or if you simply want to download/repost instagram pictures. If you today are using one app for downloading the picture, a second app for duplication search, a third app for watermarking, a fourth app for keeping track of your captions and finally a fifth app for reposting, Picstagrab is the app for you.

Picstagrab will save you a lot of time and effort by enabling you to find the picture you want to repost/download, search online for duplicates, add watermarks, add captions and reposting the picture all in one go.


And its Free. There are ad-banners and some full-screen ads, but you may disable the fullscreen ads through in-app purchase.

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